Sunday, August 15, 2010

Design Based on methods used

  • · Rational Design: This type of Designs depends upon Mathematics formula and Principle of Mechanics.
  • · Empirical Designs: This type of Designs empirical formula based on practice and past experience.
  • · Industrial Design: It depends upon production aspects to manufacture any machine component in the Industry.
  • · Optimum Design: It is the Best Design for the given object function under the specified constrains. It may be achieved by minimizing the undesirable effects.
  • · System Design: It is the Design of any complex machine system like a motor car.
  • · Element Design: It is the design of any element of the mechanical system like a piston, crank shaft, connecting rod etc.
  • · CAD: This type of design depends upon the use of computer system to assist in the creation. Modification. Analysis and optimization.

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